EPIC Sessions

An evaluation from one of EVOHPR’s EPIC professionals is something that everyone would benefit from and is a must if you have a teenager competing in sports. Each EPIC professional has mentored under EVOHPR’s founder Scott Dolly extensively and has passed our proprietary two-day EPIC course.

Over 80% of all ACL injuries are non-contact injuries, meaning the athlete tore their ACL with a sport specific movement such as running, cutting, or jumping.

Our EPIC professionals are extensively trained in movement analysis and biomechanical testing. We understand that the foundational movement patterns must be established first before strength and power can be added. Diving even deeper into the neurology, we focus extensively on the neuroplasticity of the muscle activation patterns that form our foundational movements.

Through our unique understanding of human movement and advanced education on training design, we are able to simultaneously prevent injuries and increase sports performance.