EPIC Course

EPIC is a two-day training course that consists of lectures and workshops with in-depth focus on anatomy and physiology, human biomechanics, arthrokinematics and joint function, foundational movement analysis, postural analysis, muscle activation patterning and motor sequencing. We also cover sport specific movement analysis and training design.

EPIC Course A

We dive deep into the movement architypes of squat, lunge, hinge, push, pull, press and hang; as well as standing, walking, running and jumping. You will learn the motor sequencing patterns that govern each of these movement patterns and how to evaluate someone’s imbalances on a neurophysiological level.

We also cover the role of fascia extensively in this course and you will learn the critical role the fascial system plays in human movement. You will learn how to program mobility and fascia opening patterns into a periodized training system that allows for consistent increases in strength and power without sacrificing foundational health.

Our goal is longevity, optimization and helping humans thrive in this life as long as they can.


  • For example: Personal Trainer, CSCS, FMS, Strong First KB, Spartan SGX, Health Coach, etc