Cash-Based Services

Our cash-based services are our premier services and the vast majority of our patients/clients choose NOT to go through their insurance. It’s amazing how fast we can get things healed when we our treatments are not limited by insurance.

Our evaluations consist of one full hour of one-on-one care where we listen carefully to you and allow you adequate time to tell us about what you are dealing with. We then move on to an in-depth soft tissue assessment to locate areas of adhesions or scar tissue that have accumulated in your muscles and fascia or around your joint capsules and connective tissues.

We will also utilize advanced postural analysis, biomechanical analysis and movement analysis to see where your alignment is breaking down and contributing to the root of the problem. This also provides us vital information that we use to provide you with custom corrective movements to work on at home in between sessions.

Our detailed evaluations are followed by highly specific manual therapy and IASTM on all the affected soft tissue structures. We focus on the entire upper extremity or lower extremity kinetic fascial chains, not just the joint that is injured.

We have a reputation for fixing the injuries that other places couldn’t

Each follow up session or routine maintenance session can be scheduled for 30 or 60 minutes. They will consist of manual therapy and IASTM with corrective movement prescriptions and biomechanical reviews. We will do what is needed to get you back to feeling and moving great again!

One of the best parts of not going through your insurance is that you don’t have to wait to get injured before you can see us. We understand the importance of routine maintenance, especially for those of us that lead an active lifestyle or play sports. We keep our clients in optimal condition year-round to prevent injuries and enhance movement so that feeling “normal” is the worse you will ever get.

See our list of tools for a complete list of all the tools in our tool bag.